Foto Galerie Siegertiere 2015

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  1. You have very attractive Kings. I particularly like the brown-barred Kings. I imported this colour from America many years ago – they were bred by Fred Labati (now deceased). In 1995 I visited Illinois (USA) with my French friend (Jean-Pierre Talarmain – past President of the French KING club and we judged a masterclass in two sections. Now I have a small stud of Kings (4 adult pairs). I shall be visiting Vienna in June this year and will meet my daughter and her family for a week. Vienna is my favourite city in Europe – preserved history, wonderful architecture and the famous Spanish Riding School. I worked at Heathrow (LHR) for British Airways and I am now retired. Best regards to you. Andrew WEBSTER

  2. My tel number: 01566 783624

    Addss.: Wyefield
    Devon EX20 4DW

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